a great site for downloading MP3 files from new artists.

NY Yacht Charter

Lezlee's new business venture. We have all size yachts for private and corporate events, weddings, sunset cruises, and more...

Optimum Design & Consulting
If you need any custom design work done (CD booklets and cover design, logos, biz cards, brochures, you name it), scanning, output, and other pre-press services, this is the company to go with. Lara and crew will do it professionally, and on time. They designed my CD cover and I can't say enough good things about the work that they do.
Check out this link or email and tell them Lezlee sent you!


Andy & Denise -
andy&denise, an alternative folk duo, combine unique and original lyrics with soaring harmonies. Their acoustic-driven music has already attracted a dedicated fan base. andy&denise showcase the songwriting talent and performance maturity you'd expect from lifetime artists, coupled with fresh, spontaneous delivery and wide audience appeal.

featuring over 35 different programs tailored to a variety of niche audiences. Psuedo produces over 150 hours of programming on the net each month. Extremely cool! Check out Lezlee's performance on their J'open Mic show on Tuesday, June 9th from 9-10 pm.

New York New Music (
How many musicians have hit songs, that may never see the light of day, if they went through conventional "record company" channels. This site is a service for musicians by musicians, that embraces unsigned artists, offering them an outlet where audiences can sample their music, find out where they're playing, visit their pages, and purchase their wares.

Joe Bendik's Website
Joe Bendik is a very talented singer/songwriter/guitarist/multi-instrumentalist/agitator from NYC.
(I've been meaning to add this link to his page for months. Sorry Joe!)
Fine Speciman Homepage
A Western New York rock band with a sound in the vein of Leftover Salmon, Hypnotic Clambake, and Morphine. "The Purple Elephant" is their new CD and you can learn more about it by
visiting this site.

Subplay - Subway Musicians of New York

The Ultimate Band List
An excellent site for almost anything music on the web
Try Searching for Lezlee or Subplay.
This website is a great resource for bands looking to play at colleges and for colleges looking to book talent.

Folk Alliance (
The Folk Alliance is an invaluable resource for artists who are keeping this tradition alive. Remeber Folk is not just old hippie music - Ani Difranco was embraced by this scene and toured heavily on this circuit.

The Miller Weisberg Agency (
Representing artists who span the musical spectrum with a common thread of musical brilliance. Including: Cordelia's Dad, Dwight Diller, Io, Martin Simpson, Northampton Harmony & Tony Trischka. Deborah Miller is also an invaluable resource for touring musicians (hint: check out the Folk Alliance!)

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