NEWS From Lezlee - Sept. 2000

Greetings Music Lovers. I've been in the studio working with producer Shane Faber (Digible Planets, De La Soul). Shane is an accomplished musician, drum programmer and engineer. Watching him work is fascinating because he can do it all, and seemingly all at once. There was an instant musical connection between us and I feel so lucky to be working with such a professional. We've finished one of my songs, "Get Used To It" which builds, grooves, and as Shane puts it 'takes you on a journey.' We're working on two more which I hope to finish before my next overseas tour. My main goal is to get my recordings to reach my full potential.

Thanks to Lord Bishop of Rock Gold Media, I have 23 dates booked in Europe, mostly in Germany and Prague! I'll be touring with a drummer originally from Nasheville, Richard Bryant, who now lives full time in Germany. Please check out the tour schedule and forward to anyone you know in the area.

Also, with Shane, I'm re-recording Lezlee's Lovabyes, which are my original love songs for children at bedtime.

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