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Peppermint Highway

Released in 2003
Lezlee's Peppermint Highway makes traveling an adventure! Whether you're in a car, a bus, a train, plane, or boat - these recordings make going places a lot more fun! And it is educational as well. Songs like "Sammy the Seatbelt" encourage kids to buckle up by turning the seatbelt into a friend named Sammy. While gazing out the window in the backseat of the car, kids can imagine they are riding on a Peppermint Highway where clouds look like "bunnies upside down" and trees look like "giants in disguise." And how many times have we heard toddlers cry "Are We There Yet?" The song "When Are We Gonna Get There?" gives parents a melodic response to this age old question.

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Released 2001
Confused by such lyrics as "down will come baby, cradle and all?" So was Lezlee Peterzell, which led her to compose these catchy, beautifully melodic, and uplifting love songs/lullabies she calls "lovabyes". They celebrate a mother's love for her child.

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   Released in 2000
ALIVE! Features live recordings from Lezlee's sold out European tour and from the studio in Köln. This is a powerful collection of songs from an artist who is on the move.

I Lose Control
Seduce Me With Your Words
Get Used To It
Forever Young
My You
Friends My Dear?
No One Else But You
Let It Build
Rolling Wave
The Way You Look At Me
Pick Up The Pieces
Go For Your Dreams

"Just Being"


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1998's 'Just Being' featured 10 tracks. Lezlee's voice is complimented by a host of traditional and lesser-know instruments including exotic percussion, cello and theramin.

In Love With love
Rolling Wave
Seduce Me With Your Words
Just Be
When I Need
4 Things
One Second
Dear Ani

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