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Jan. , 2002

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Every mom knows the power of music to soothe and comfort. Around 3 in the afternoon, I'm always looking for music that can infuse an air of calm and peace into the day...that can soothe the littlest one to sleep and keep the oldest one from bouncing off the walls.

I have a new CD that does exactly that: Lezlee's Lovabyes features 10 original and uplifting lullabies (no more "down will come baby, cradle and all." Instead, you'll here, "Dance with your shadow/Sing to the trees/Swing in your hammock/Soft in the breeze..." The lilting melody and Lezlee's strong yet gentle voice is enough to put a mom to sleep, too.)

The best part is that the CD features those ten tracks in three different versions: First, with full orchestra. Second, Lezlee sings an a cappella version. Third, music alone so you can sing the lovabyes, too. (All the lyrics are printed on the CD insert.) Lovely.

Lezlee's Lovabyes is available from


AQUARIAN - First Listens
Feb. 26, 2000

LEZLEE PETERZELL/Alive/Mobile Bay Records

Alone in a foreign land, standing strong and pouring it all out onstage, this live collection from her '99 Summer tour of Germany bristles with passive/aggressive confessionals, tender tirades and lovelorn, simplistic beauty. At times boldly confrontational, at times achingly vulnerable, and always strikingly honest, Lezlee just may be the Southern half of the Empire State's answer to Ani.


February 12, 2000

Why is it some people never tire of sitting through the remains of relationships long gone and examining every possible nuance of each and every one of their shortcomings, insecurities, and fears? Why? Because you set it to a nice chord progression, sell it with real emotion and a sweet vulnerability and you have a bonding moment with other wounded souls and emotional junkies. Peterzell can't hold-back one little thing and her pretty voice, pretty face, and pretty guitar are gonna make you fall in love. Better get used to it.


OPEN REVIEW - Music Dish

This is an excellent album for those of you who like the acoustic sound mixed with a soulful voice.



June 2-9, 1999 Number 983


Lezlee Peterzell/Dark Star Lounge/May 6
by John Fortunato

NEW YORK, NY - At the intimate confines of Upper Westside Manhattan's Dark Star Lounge, New York-via-Atlanta singer/songwriter Lezlee Peterzell kicked off the first of three consecutive Thursday gigs. A natural for Lilith Fair, this Vassar grad's delicate, clear-toned voice articulated warm emotions throughout her nearly flawless solo acoustic set.

Whether delivering subtle pop confessionals or dramatic neo-classical folk, Peterzell clearly understands how to get across deeply felt emotions as well as genuine soft-hearted humor, conveying a wide-eyed expressiveness, poise, and confidence usually reserved for more seasoned performers. Her lilting soprano, draped across softly strummed acoustic, gave each original song a tender vulnerability.

The truly resonating "Rolling Wave" silenced the dinner crowd as its hushed breeziness and sincere cautious optimism sent chills down the spine. "Separate" displayed an honest-to-goodness slice-of-life baroque pop elegance. When need be, Peterzell slapped her fingers or palm against the hollow-body six-string to create a rhythmic beat.

Not afraid to show her inspirational sources (she admits to liking Sheryl Crow and Jonatha Brooke, and penned "Dear Ani", from her debut Just Being, as a moving tribute to DIY artist Ani DiFranco), Peterzell will continue to improve while gaining media exposure and touring experience. Her wonderful children's cassette, Lezlee's Lovabyes, can be found along with other recordings at the website -

(Lezlee Peterzell will be opening for Jeffrey Gaines at the Bottom Line on Thursday, June 10).

Central Connecticut State University
The Recorder
vol.94 No.2 February 3, 1999

 Rising star comes to CCSU

By Abigail Aitken
Staff writer

It's late Friday night and after a long day of classes, I feel exhausted. I'm lounging, shivering at a table in Semesters, wrapped in a faux-fur trimmed sheepskin coat, blinking in the garish light, eye-liner doubtless running on a joyous journey half-way down my face.

Sitting directly opposite and studying me intently is Ms. Lezlee Peterzell. In the last few hours, Lezlee has driven from New York, given a radio interview to WFCS disc jockey Steve Barnes, played a 90 minute set - in fact she has just stepped down from the stage and she still looks perfect.

"It's about making my passion my profession," she begins. "When the music comes together, every thing else seems to fall into place. I see singing, guitar and songwriting as three separate entities. A lot of people don't focus on them individually. The last year has been critical in my self-development on the guitar. It takes patience, persistence and practice."

When it comes to keeping her strength of mind, she says, "Oh, self-belief, definitely. There's an awful lot of spirituality in the creative process too. It's very cathartic, healing and fun! Fun is the number one thing. Singing feels good. You need a steel stomach; to be as strong internally as you are mentally clear. I am as emotional in music as I am unemotional in my ambitious pursuits. The more positive energy you emit, the more positive energy you get back and it drives you further in the long run."

Lezlee also bonds with other singers even though they are her competition. "I support both male and female songwriters. I think that although I focus on female experience and emotion, it's the human thing first and foremost."

Like many musicians, Lezlee has worked a variety of jobs.

"After graduating college, (Vasser in Poughkeepsie, NY), I worked for The Cure's management company and at Next Plateau Records. I felt cut off creatively and spiritually; they took my love of music away and I hope that doesn't happen for others who work in the music business. It's a business. But I've had lots of crappy jobs. I was fired as a waitress twice - it's better in an office because I can sit down! Learning typing has been a life-saver. I've sold jewelry, sung at birthday parties, been a clown..."

The fact that she doesn't have a record deal doesn't deter her from her goals. "I'm an independent artist; I don't have a record deal. I have two lead tracks on two compilation albums coming out soon though; 'Rolling Wave' for the Songwriters Guild of America, (SGA), and 'The Chase' on Lord Knows for Lord Bishop's Dirty Earth Records. There's an extensive college and club tour coming up in the spring and I'll proceed with recording an acoustic LP as I've got lots of new material. I'm just seeing where the road takes me." For tonight, anyway, the road is taking Lezlee Peterzell back to New York. Amid Program Council members scuttling around us, we wave our good-byes and I promise to send two copies of the interview. Lezlee Peterzell is a star. Goodnight.

Lezlee entertains in Semesters

By Abigail Aitken
Staff writer

Intimate, seductive warmth emits from the open fire. A select audience of pensive, dreamy-eyed boys and dark-haired girls collect their dose of caffeine and gather sumptuously in front of the stage. Ms. Lezlee Peterzell appears in front of us and, like a hazy apparition, picks up her guitar. The boys are transfixed. The girls gaze with awe.

'Rolling Wave' kicks off the proceedings to an enthusiastic response, so much so that she later repeats it. Her voice is strong, versatile and charged with emotional power.

Each song tells a story; Lezlee is direct and straight to the point. You can't help but love her. She has one song about losing a job because she refused to take a drug test; another remembering High school nerves; "Oh God, who will I sit with?/All the boy I had a crush on/ All the friends I thought were mine/ This tiny world I lived in/ Was just a slice of time."

My highlight of the evening was a track called 'Friends', which tells of a coffee shop encounter with an ex-lover "Thought I could do it/ Casually meet you for coffee,' but "Friends don't miss/Making love with each other" Oh yes. Only if you've ever been there will you know what I mean.

Grinning all over her face, Lezlee introduces her latest material her "sexy song". The boys in the corner cheer and applaud rapturously .

She seems a little self-conscious as she murmurs; "Everybody's got their hottest spots and I'd like to know which ones are yours," but are you surprised? Needless to say, it goes down a treat. Towards the end of the set, someone requests a cover version of Madonna's 'Open Your Heart.' For the first time I realize the chord progression sounds just like 'Day Tripper' by The Beatles. Maybe all we need is a girl with a semi-acoustic guitar to cut through all the superficialities and irrelevancies to show us the meaning of life. Maybe Lezlee Peterzell knows something we don't. Maybe you should find out.



Just Being
(As Is Entertainment)

If records were liken to be a type of food, just being would be warn and buttery mashed potatoes. Satisfying and hearty, it's comfort food for your ears.
As the debut from singer, songwriter and musician, Lezlee's Just Being makes for a personally sentimental experience of songs that make you feel like she's your best friend. Bonding with her listener over issues of growing out of vulnerabilities and naivetes; Just Being offers company for a tender cathartic audio voyage. Through richly intricate guitar arrangements interlocked with delicate melodies, Just Being's warming and mellowing affects will charm even the most jaded ears.

-Karen Tom


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